Monday, October 17, 2016

Release Tight Hamstrings for Muay Thai

Are your hamstrings to tight and preventing you from training? Grab a barbel and use this self myofascial release exercise before and after your Muay Thai training.

If you can't afford a massage, no problem. Here's my DIY way of relaxing tight hamstrings.

How to Perform
  • Rack a barbell just below hip level.
  • Climb one leg over the barbell, placing the upper portion of your hamstring on the bar.
  • More pressure isn't necessarily better. Aim for a comfortable, yet fair amount of body weight on your hamstring. 
  • Look for hot spots by extending and flexing your knee out and internally and externally rotating your thigh.
  • Work your way up and down your hamstring.
  • Aim for about 2 minutes or until you feel your hamstring relaxes.
Use this self myofascial release exercise the next time your hamstrings are stiff and leave me a comment with your experience. Don't forget to share with your teammates as well.

Best to your training,

Danny Millet

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