My Story

First off, thank you for taking interest of my website. You are a fighter! It's not easy to get out of your comfort zone and test your limits. Often, we go out of our way to compliment co-workers, family, friends and even strangers but we forget to compliment the most important person we know, ourselves. So take this moment and give yourself a big ass pat in the back.

Purpose Of This Blog
This blog is a guide for some of the unanswered questions we face as fighters, solutions for how to act under certain scenarios, and finding resolution between our lives and sport. This blog is for combat enthusiast, fighters and all athletes who leave no stones untrun.  

My Story
Hello, I'm Danny Millet. I'm not a scientist, doctor, registered dietitian  or psychologist.  I'm a hard working Muay Thai fighter  and Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified instructor who through rigid trial and error, practices what I preach. A bulky collection of failed attempts along with some front kicks to the face hasn't stopped me from pursuing my dreams. I quit my job, donated a chunk of my belongs to charity and moved out of the USA to fight in Thailand. 


Wanting More Our Of Life
I lived a pretty typical life that any American man in his 20s-30s have. I had a day job as a electrician, nice apartment, a small savings account, credit card bills, worked out for an hour or two Mon-Fri, hung out with friends on the weekends. I had security and small goals but I wanted more out of my life.

My life summed up in a few boxes

Feeling Alive
Fighting and the weeks of preparation leading up to fight night, made me feel alive! Unfortunately, fighting back in the US was pretty tough for me. Work schedule, not being within weight for fights on short notice, and because of shows canceling, fighting was never a guaranteed. I don't want to live in a nostalgic state or have thoughts of "What if I did..." So I decided to quit my job, donate my stuff and move to Thailand so that I can fight full time.

-Danny Millet

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