Sunday, January 15, 2017

My Life, My Blood, My Muay Thai All (Episode 2)

This week for coaching, I focused on having my students (as well as myself) use the Opposite Hand Opposite Leg Drill. I had a few classes modify the drill by adding in some extra footwork such as stepping in, out, left or right.

Class Room Drills
Opposite Hand Opposite Leg
For this drill we use boxing's general punch number system to simplify the cues for the pad holder. After the last punch, hitter strikes with his opposite leg.

  1. Left Jab, Right Kick
  2. Jab Right Cross, Left Kick
  3. Jab, Cross, Left Hook, into Right Kick

Also in this episode I gloss over the Partner Pyramid Knees. A skipping knee drill I like to use as part of a class circuit. Also in the class circuit is Ten Seconds On Ten Seconds Off.

Partner Pyramid Knees
Partner A starts with 10 alternating knees, Partner B does 10 alternating knees. Partner A adds an extra knee on their turn while the Partner B follows. Keep going till the bell!

10s On 10s Off
Partner A freestyles on the bag as powerful as they can go, Partner B counts to 10, then they switch.

My Own Training
After a Thursday noon sparring session one of my team mates pointed out  that my angles where to far. I was out of my range, he can see me kick and easily defend against it. So this week for my bag work I focused on tightening up my steps.

Please enjoy this episode and hope you find these drills and instructions useful towards your own training.

Best to your training,

Danny Millet

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