Sunday, October 30, 2016

How To Make Your Muay Thai Combos More Dynamic

Basics should be trained every day, but it can get boring and leave you uninspired to train. Here's how to spice it up and make it more dynamic.

For this video I use the bread and butter of Muay Thai; jab-rear kick. Here are 3 effective ways to add depth to a basic combo.

There are plenty of ways to throw jab-rear kick and yes you have to walk before you can run. These 3 suggestions aren't the end all be all of basics, they are just another tool for your tool box.

Mixing your tempo is a good way to offset your opponent's timing and defense. Two common ways to offset your opponent's rhythm is by using Half Beat and Full Beat. In my opinion neither one is better than the other. I like to think of it as 2 different tools.


You can land more efficient shots just by striking around your opponent's line of vision, around their guard, or by forcing them out of position.

Use your opponent's defense against them. Feints are a good way to draw your opponent to defend while striking them with a different move, especially if they defend the same way every time.

Timing and Range
Pads and bag work are cool but try landing it on a resisting partner. Sparring/ sparring drills are keys to figuring out your range and timing, which changes with different size and experienced partners.

"Excellence is achieved by the mastery of the fundamentals."
- Vince Lombardi

You can know every angle, study the latest spinning shit, but if you can't land a basic combo then it's time to keep touching it up.

Link up with a qualified coach and hammer down the fundamentals before you attempt to make them more difficult than what they are.

Best to your training,

Danny Millet


  1. that's great stuff Danny. I never really though of just doing the really simple stuff and altering the timings.
    I've just setup a bag at home so I think I'll give this stuff a practice.
    It never hurts to keep going over the basics. Sometimes it's the only stuff you can land when you're under pressure and tired.
    Good stuff


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