Monday, July 4, 2016

Power Up Your Kicks With 1 Simple Adjustment.

The heavy bag is just another tool to your overall training. Here's a way to work timing and add extra resistance to your kicks.

Bag Swings
00:15 That heavy bag is from RingSide. It's 200 lbs soft filled, but probably more like stone filled because it's hard as rocks!

00:34 You want to push the bag and strike it on the return. This will add momentum to the bag which in turn will force you to strike it harder.

00:55 Make sure to train left and right kicks.

Partner Bag Swings
Same concept but this time you're going to:
01:19 Grab a partner (I typically use my beautiful assistant). Have them push the bag.

01:58 Have your partner push the bag at different speeds and distance.

02:40 Remember to do both legs.

Give these a try and comment below with your experience.

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