Monday, July 18, 2016

Muay Thai Mobility. Shifting Frog Pose w/ Reach & Spiderman Climb.


Besides looking like a rare mating dance here's a hip opener that uses the frog pose, a reach and the Spider-man climb. Add this to your warm up, cool down, or in between.

Frog Pose w/ Shift

  1. Place your feet against a wall with your knee inline (pointing outwards)
  2. Keep your back flat and go into a quadruped position.
  3. Rock back & forward while maintaining a straight spine.
  4. As your hips start to open, you can sink down even further. (Don't force it!)
  5. Now you can include the reach. BTW my overhead reach is horrible!

Spiderman Climbs

  1. Both feet against the wall.
  2. Stand in high plank.
  3. Step a foot up on the side of your hand
  4. Sink your hip down for a second.
  5. Maintain neutral spine and raise your head accordingly.
Repeat for your desired amount of sets/reps

As your hips start to open up, you can sink down even further. Remember to gradually increase and never force the stretch/opener.

Give these a try and make sure to leave a comment or message me with your experience.

Best to your training,

Danny Millet

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