Saturday, April 5, 2014

Performance Statement

Relax. Explode. Relax. Explode. That's what I tell myself every time I wai in the corners when sealing the ring. The significance of  competing to me is a reflection of your personality, especially in that moment. In or out of the ring, I try to stay as relaxed as possible by focusing on being in the moment. 

Self talk, It's not only for crazy people any more. Well you have to be a little crazy if you're getting punched and kicked in the face or competing in any other combat sport, but mantras are believed to have a tremendous psychological effect. The book 10-Minute Toughness by Jason Selk has an alternative version to mantras that they call Performance Statement.
A performance statement is a type of self talk designed to help athletes zoom in on one specific thought to enhance performance consistency. 10-Minute Toughness
A performance statement is a simplified saying that spotlights key points that will lead to success. For example:

  • Read the D, quick feed, follow through (Football QB)
  • Track the ball, smooth and easy (baseball)
  • One skill at a time, one routine at a time (High Bar)

Beast Mode, ON!

To come up with your own Performance Statement think of one or two important thoughts that'll motivate you to perform at your peak when you focus on it.
The key is to identify the single most fundamental idea of what it takes for you to be successful to allow you to simplify the game. Keeping it simple will allow you to free your mind and body from complications and distractions and play loose with great confidence and passion.10-Minute Toughness
You might also want to consider situational Performance Statements. For example if you're a grappler and end up in a bad position,e.g. "fight outside my comfort zone." Have a performance statement that'll cover ofense as well as the defense aspect of your sport. The power of a Performance Statement can assure you the confidence to escape.

The book also explains that mental training just as physical training should be a regular part of your overall training. If we don't do any physical training we will not get stronger, same goes for mental training. My Performance Statement "Relax. Explode." is extremely basic and the very essence of fighting. Which is to stay loose and kill with speed. A Performance Statement is the easiest way to accomplish your agenda and boost your confidence.

1st photo by Josh Lewis.
3rd photo by MBK Fight Night

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