Thursday, May 1, 2014

Festival Fight With SuperStars, My Fight Recap + Highlight Video

April 29th Festival Fight, My opponent was a well known town hero who constantly fights on channel 3 and channel 7 stadium. He is known for flogging his opponents with knees and well, that he did! 

Here's a thing about fighting in Thailand, not all matches will be even. I had a 7kg advantage he had a 200+ fights advantage, with over half of them in the big stadium (Raja,Lumphini,Omnoi, etc.). The Thais don't care so much about how much their opponents weigh. For them it's not about winning or losing, it's about displaying proper technique, having heart and showing a true fighters spirit.

฿5,000 KO bonus 
Which is roughly about $160 USD. Do you know how much grilled bananas and sticky rice I can buy with that? 
Who doesn't love a good David vs Goliath story?

My opponent used his foot jabs to keep me at bay, then would fake teep in order to land a long knee, which after landing he would transition into the clinch. A very tight clinch!

I tried to use my weight by pushing, hanging and jerking his neck but his experience outclassed my weight advantage.

I thought I was going to take him out with leg kicks in the 2nd round and a few hard elbows and right crosses in the 3rd & 4th but he "aint got no time fo dat." He was willing to eat a shit load of right crosses and elbows so that he can stick with his A-Game of landing long knees and some more knees in the clinch.

It was an honor to fight a technician! 
Being able to look composed when I was in trouble helped my confidence. Especially when he was kneeing me in the face! 
On a side note I got to see one of my favorite fighters Eakpracha, and snap a picture with him. Buakaw was there and heavily secured. So was Kem but he didn't have security lol.

Aikpracha sporting his own T-shirt

Danny's April 29 Fight Highlights

Dropping it low
Maggie with Kem SitSongPeeNong.

Dton, SitMonchai's newest fighter 
also fought that night. He put on an impressive display of jump kicks, jump knees, and clinch work. He won his fight and the heart of all the teenage girls in attendance.   After the fight BuaKaw went up to him and gave him a thumbs up! I guess BuaKaw is keeping an eye on his upcoming competition.


Photos by Kelly Creegan 
Video by Portia Tam

About the author
Danny Millet, is a pro fighter, muay Thai kickboxing trainer at 5 Points Academy (NYC) and when fueled by copious amounts of coffee, a blogger who breaks down and analyses fights. 

Danny decided to aim his life in a different direction and took the plunge by quitting his job of 11 years and donating his belongings. He moved to Thailand where he lived in a Thai boxing gym for 2 years, training full time along side high level fighters like Pornsanae SitMonchai, KongFah Aood DonMuang, Kanongsuk ChuWatthana, JomThong ChuWatthana and fighting in prestigious shows such as Rajadamnern, Lumphini, Petch Buncha, M150, and MBK.

After getting sliced open from elbows in his 1st and 2nd pro fight, Danny took the healing time to do his homework of studying and analyzing the training, tactics & techniques of high profile fighters.  If you're looking to improve your fight game contact Danny Millet to schedule a training session or check out his free training & fighting information on Youtube, and  Facebook.

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