Thursday, April 3, 2014

Head Kick KO and 13 Stitches for 13 Coins.

On March 31, 2014 I fought in Rajadamnern Stadium against a Lithuanian fighter. The program sheet had him named Hunter 13 Coins Gym. He was about a forehead shorter than me but built like a fire hydrant. He had muscles on top of muscles in places I didn't even know people can have muscles. 

I fought another guy from 13 Coins Gym back in September, lost on points and figured I can redeem myself in Raja Stadium and in a skewed sort of way avenge my loss against a 13 Coins boxer. 

My opponent used a barrage of punches and low kicks. When I responded with a mid body kick he wouldn't block but catch it and dump me. I knew he wasn't going to be able to take many kicks to the short ribs so I willingly continued with the mid body kicks allowing him to dump me. He started to get desperate and used illegal dumps in order to hurt me with the slams. (Thank god I did 5 years of Judo). The ref gave him a warning, I got annoyed and went upstairs.


After the KO, I walked to his corner to check that he was functioning and not injured. He had a huge cut on his left eyebrow so they rushed him to the medics office to get stitches (13 to be exact). All in all a good night of fights and I feel extremely fortunate for the support from friends, family and teammates.

Photos by Noah Norman 
A fellow New Yorker and 5 Points Academy brother.

(Left) Kru Pan, (mid) Dton, (right) Kru Juab
My beautiful assistant and I
Team mates and I watching the fights

Kru Pan & Dton showing their kissy faces
Entering the ring

About the author
Danny Millet, is a pro fighter, muay Thai kickboxing trainer at 5 Points Academy (NYC) and when fueled by copious amounts of coffee, a blogger who breaks down and analyses fights. 

Danny decided to aim his life in a different direction and took the plunge by quitting his job of 11 years and donating his belongings. He moved to Thailand where he lived in a Thai boxing gym for 2 years, training full time along side high level fighters like Pornsanae SitMonchai, KongFah Aood DonMuang, Kanongsuk ChuWatthana, JomThong ChuWatthana and fighting in prestigious shows such as Rajadamnern, Lumphini, Petch Buncha, M150, and MBK.

After getting sliced open from elbows in his 1st and 2nd pro fight, Danny took the healing time to do his homework of studying and analyzing the training, tactics & techniques of high profile fighters.  If you're looking to improve your fight game contact Danny Millet to schedule a training session or check out his free training & fighting information on Youtube, and  Facebook.

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