Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thoughts on Raja Fight Vs Daniel Hadfield Sept/1/13

Photo by Josh Lewis.
Sept 1st 2013 Rajadamnerm Stadium
I fought Daniel Hadfield (England) from 13 Coins Gym. He fought one of my team mates about a month ago and supposedly from what my team mates were saying it was a pretty even match until Hadfield KOed him in the 4th round with knees to the body. My coach thought we would make a great match up, so he booked us to fight on Sept 1st, Raja Stadium at 74 kg (163 lbs).

My team mates where giving me advice and play by play of this fight. I, however, am not a fan of watching videos of my opponent's prior fights or even advice from my team mate who fought him. I'm not trying to come off as a dick towards them (my team mates) but, I am not the same size, build, speed, strength or fighting style as them or prior opponents who fought Daniel. Each and everyone of us are completely different men.

Photo by Josh Lewis

Nonetheless my fight with Daniel Hadfield turned out completely different than my team mate's. Hadfield, who typically fights at a lighter weight of 70 kg, was able to secure the win by points. He swiftly used the whole ring to stay out of harm, circling out with light leg kicks, which frustrated and kept me out of range. Since losing my last 2 fights here in Thailand by 1st and 2nd round cuts, I consider this my first "true" loss. My coaches and gym mates consider this a win in my book because I didn't come back with stitches.

Photo by Josh Lewis.

There Is No Failure. Only Feedback.
Despite the loss, it was a great experience fighting at Raja Stadium. Dan Hadfield was a classy guy through out the fight and his corner were very refined men after. In hindsight, I realized a bunch of things I could have done and prevented in order to get the win. This only fuels my eager to train harder for my next fight.

All photos taken by Josh Lewis

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