Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How to Muay Thai Shadow Boxing w/ a Band

Losing balance to easily?  My solution, use bands. The bands serve as a tool which reinforces the foundation of your fighting stance. Here's why and how to incorporate them into your training.

Why Shadow Box with a Band?
It will address two important aspects of any martial arts training: stability and balance. The band will help keep your core engaged while committing your legs to maintain a good base. 

Two examples:
If you have a tendency to lean back when you kick or shift your weight too much on your back leg when throwing a lead hook, the band will pull you back which will cause you to lean forward to compensate. This compensation will assist you to keep your weight evenly distributed on both legs. Give it a try with your knees or teeps/front kicks.

How to Perform
  1. Loop the band on a secure pole at about hip level.
  2. Step inside the loop one leg at a time and secure the band onto your hip
  3. Pull on the band with your hip until you get slight resistance. (Not to much resistance. Leaning forward can throw off your balance and technique)
  4. Make sure to keep your hands up.
  5. Test it out with some easy paced shadow before you go full force.
  6. Use all 8 weapons, foot work, defense and angles.

Is this going to improve my technique?
The fastest way to improve your technique is with deliberate training and a qualified coach. This drill, however, will keep your core and base engaged, which in turn will improve your stability and balance. Good stability and good balance will indirectly improve your techniques.

Will this create bad habits?
If you have a tendency to lean forward too much with your strikes and lose balance, then this drill might not be for you. This shadow boxing drill should be use as a small aspect towards your overall training. I would recommend you do not use too much resistance and to do this for one or two rounds at most, before or after your training.

Will this get me laid?

Give this band drill a try and let me know your experience.

Best to your training,

Danny Millet

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