Friday, January 30, 2015

Boxing Defense in Muay Thai (Preview) and Fight Life Update

Good Footwork doesn't mean flamboyancy 
Read on to find out how Muay Thai fighters utilize boxing footwork and defense, my fight update and an upcoming project.

Boxing Defense in Muay Thai 
(Just a preview)
In Reddit's and Sherdog's Muay Thai forums there are a few people complaining how Muay Thai can learn alot from boxing and how there are no use of angles, slipping or ducking. My go to answer for these sort of posts are for the OP to watch more Muay Thai or Kickboxing fights because angles, slips and ducking exist! They're just not as theatrical or showy as you'll see in a boxing match. 

Anyways, the best use of slips, angles and ducking I've seen was Kevin Ross vs Michael Thompson. Both of these men have that strong will to trade and the chin to eat a few shots in order to land that fat bomb. I'm currently working on a video breakdown but here are a few gifs for now...

Inside slip the jab, pivot out, kick

Inside slip the jab to lead hand uppercut

Duck the right hand answer back with lead hook to low kick

Feb 7 Fight Canceled

My USKA Fight Night match up against Chris Williams is a no go. Chris sustained an injury from training. It's typical to get hurt and accumulate damage from normal training but we're more susceptible to injuries when training hard for a fight. Hopefully Chris recovers quick and is back in action soon!

I really like how USKA and their foreman, Irv Althouse, are promoting Muay Thai and Kickboxing in PA, where wrestling, Boxing, and MMA dominate in combat sports. Looking forward to competing in there next event.

Thai boxing program 
While training for that fight I was in the process of writing up a business plan, calculating some numbers and looking for a decent gym location to start a part time Muay Thai Kickboxing program. 

Maggie and I are calling our program SaenSok, Muay Thai Kickboxing & Fitness. SaenSok translate to hundred thousand elbows in Thai. The fun part is coming up with the name and the workouts, but figuring out the numbers to present is the pain the ass part. Especially since I use my toes to add and subtract.

Yea this was in our mind when coming up with a name.
How I calculate numbers.


  1. Best of luck on your new business endeavor! Keep us posted!

  2. Love your articles. Thank you. One of the best Muay Thai fighters to use boxing defensive movements was Somluck Kamsing,especially in his prime. See

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  4. The best self defense techniques for your average street fight. Prepare yourself just in case! Subscribe Now

    1. That has to be one of the best self defense video's I've seen since Bas Ruttens!!!

  5. Life is too short to be scared, weak, and have low self-esteem. Within weeks of starting Muay Thai in Connecticut training you’ll achieving strength gains that will motivate you to keep going.Your self-doubt will soon fade away and be replaced by self-belief.

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