Friday, January 3, 2014

13 Life Lessons from 2013

2013 was one of those years in my life were I decided to eagerly make huge changes. As we crossed into the new year I like to look back and reflect on some life lessons I learned. Here are 13 Life Lessons from 2013.

1. Always Have a Plan B,C,D, & X,Y,Z
Life is full of other chances. You won't always get a 2nd chance shortly after the first failed attempt, but if we can manage to recognize when the opportunity is approaching we will be better equipped.

2. Have an Escape Plan
Sometimes we fall into situations that annoy us, angers us or flat out drain our energy. When I find myself surrounded by energy sucking people or doing things that I hate, I simply leave. It's a lot easier than wasting your precious time on dumb things or worse, dumb people.

3. Your Job Will Kill You
Most of us are working a job we hate for shitty pay. We see our coworkers more than we see our loved ones, and our bosses take all the credit for our hard work. If you're stuck in a job you hate, quit!

JOB = Just Over Broke
4. You'll Always be a Student
The book Mastery is one of my favorites. It goes over some laws that greats such as Leonardo, Mozart, and Freddie Roach used to obtain their levels of mastery. It covers how they were always diligently practicing, doing things out of the norm which seem humiliating to most, and most importantly, always learning.

5. If You Want Something Bad
You must figure out a way to get it, and when you figure out a way to get it, you must do it. Come up with an action plan and take the necessary steps to work towards your goal. Wishing and hoping is an illusion.

6. Junk Food is Awesome
There was a study done with French and American test subjects. Analysts showed them a slice of cake, then made the test subject write one word describing the cake. Americans associated the cake with guilt, fat, and sugar, while the French subjects associated the cake with celebration, party, and birthday. My mind set now is to recognize that junk food is a treat and not a threat to my health. Of course if eating  it in moderation and sparingly.

Cookie time every time!
7. Proven Sports Supplements are the Cheapest
Creatine, carbohydrates, caffeine, Tylenol, & baking soda. There are years of field tested studies and scientific articles written about their ergogenic effects. Next time you're planning on investing in sport supplements, research and take price into consideration. 

8. Never Feel Sorry For Yourself
Don't ever limit your beliefs and fall prey to a victim mentality. You have control of your life even when shit don't go your way.

9. Do What You Want To Do
Granted it's legal, don't ever let anyone stop you. Only you can make yourself happy and it's your life, live it by your standards and on your terms.

10. Your Actions Define You
People judge you more by your actions than your words. If you're a hard worker, people will know you as a hard worker. If you're lazy, people will know you as lazy. What you do defines you as a person and keep in mind that someone is always looking.

11. Working Towards a Goal is Better Than Achieving it
We talk more about the ups and downs we went through rather than the actual achievement. It's all about the journey man.

12. Pain is in our head.
Being in the fight game I came across a lot of whinny bitches. There's a difference between being hurt and being injured. Don't be a bitch and pretend your pain is an injury, man the fuck up, walk it off and go back to training or competing. All top fighters fight hurt, don't act like you're the only one.

13. You are who you surround yourself with.
You can pick your friends but not your family. Thankfully you don't always have to be around your family. The people who you spend your time with are a reflection of you. It's time to give your old high school stoner friends the boot and surround yourself with like minded ambitious people. 

Now that 2014 is upon us, I hope to fortify my lessons, learn more, achieve more, and come up with new ones for the following years.

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