Friday, April 20, 2018

The Right Way to Get Back to Muay Thai Training After Time Off

Getting back into shape is a bit harder than starting. If you had to take some time off from your training here are a couple tips to help you get back into shape.

When you first started training Muay Thai, were you driven by motivation (fitting into your summer clothes, wanting to compete, learn self-defense)? Did you make adjustments to your work, life, or school schedule so that you can reach your goals?

Life gives us up hills, down hills, and speed bumps in between. A school project, a deadline for work, or family can force us to take time away from training. That short time off can become months and even years if we fall out of the habit. Then something motivates you to get back into shape, like your desire for that "Summer Body".

Complete your Muay Thai training by adding Yoga and a Strength & Conditioning routine. Click to find out more.

No Crash Diet
Stay away from fad diets, fat burning pills or weight loss teas (they're just high caffeinated laxatives). Instead of dieting, focus on changing your eating habits. Stick to whole foods and make all your meals ahead of time. A simple guideline for portion per serving; protein source (meat) the size of your hand, a carb source (rice/potato) the size of your hand, and a vegetable serving the size of 2 hands. 
Don't go heavy or hard
Don't think you stopped where you last left off. Going hard right off the gate is a recipe for injury. Slowly work your way up, by focusing on technique and form instead of quantity, speed, or power. 

Look at your overall fitness as a marathon rather than a sprint. Don't you want to be able to workout and move well into your 80s-90s?
Give yourself ample time to rest and recover. You can stay active while giving your body time to recover by include low, medium, heavy training days alongside an active recovery off day (Yoga, casual swimming, going out for a walk, etc...).

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