Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Friday Night Fight Result 10/6/2017

In the 1st round I got hit with a good right hand. I didn't feel dazed or rocked in my head but my legs felt like they were on ice skates.

With so much focus and adrenaline pumping throughout your body, you're not going to feel pain. So at the moment to me it felt like the mat was just slippery.

Remain Focused
Once I got up from the first 8 count and the ref continued the action, I wasn't thinking about how I got dropped 8 seconds ago. I was focused on the "Now," with an obvious hint of watching out for his right hand again.

Eventually I got stopped in the 2nd round by punches. Frustrating yes, as I felt I could have still continued, but watching my friends' Instagram stories it was clear as day and a great call from referee Joel Bekker to stop the fight.

Can't Control The Outcome
There where plenty of ways I could have defend against the punches but at that moment, I didn't see the hands coming. I was mentally aware that he would strike and land again, preparing myself to enter with an elbow or knee to tie him up in the clinch. Unfortunately that didn't work for me.

What's Next
It's back to the drawing board for me, to focus on a couple of things I could have done better in that fight. I also have some strength and fitness goals I'd like to achieve before the year is done. On November 5th, I'm going for an entry level Kettlebell certification, the HKC, which I think my students will benefit from. 

"Failure should be our teacher. Not our undertaker."

Pics & References

Friday Night Fights Picture Gallery from Dynamic Impression
HKC Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (NY)

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