Sunday, September 18, 2016

Muay Thai Boxing "Wack-A-Mole" Drill

Ripping combos on pads or the heavy bag shouldn't be the only tactic in your training arsenal. Improve your speed and reaction time with this drill...

Sniper vs Shot Gun
Don't get it confused and think I'm saying one is better than the other. Throwing combos will create openings, overwhelm your opponent and either drop them or score big; but training your single shots can help you seize opportunities and capitalize against an opening.

Technical Tips

  • Biggest key is; Relaxing, it will improve your speed and reaction.
  • Stay loose in your fighting stance and avoid tensed facial expressions and tensed fists prior to hitting your target.
  • Once you see the prompt, don't "muscle" it. Let your technique work for you.
  • Lead with speed and straight lines toward the center of your target.
  • Avoid extra steps, hops, fist pumping or any other telegraphing signs.

Deliberate training followed with proper positioning, balance and technique is important. So make sure you are working with an experienced and qualified coach.

Best to your training,

Danny Millet

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