Friday, August 8, 2014

The Reality of "Living the Dream." Effortless.

Ike's Boxing Gym in Paterson NJ was filled with alot of young talent. Some of the kids would talk about their goals and I felt like they were a little delusional, but I would never shoot down anyone's dream. No matter how quacked out they sounded. 

These kids would say stuff like "I want to go undefeated in my next 10 fights, then go pro and win a belt." Cool, I would say nonchalantly, but part of me wondered if they knew the hard work that bigger name fighters put in.

Power Law 30 

In Robert Greene's The 48 Laws of Power, he suggests to make your accomplishment seem effortless by not revealing how hard you worked to achieve them. 

From Google Doc's 48 Laws of Power Cheat Sheet (1):

  • Conceal clever tricks.
  • Make your success seem natural.
  • Do not reveal how hard you worked.
  • Teach noone your tricks

This illusion of superpowers can also provoke fear in the believers. People would think since you're not trying hard that you can achieve more if you were to actually put more effort.

Unlike the villain at the end of a movie who reveals his evil plot while having the protagonist hero under his custody, this law tricks people into making them believe that you were born with awesomeness luck and skills. 

Bad day at work
Duped Follower
Here is where some us fall victim to this law. We look at high level fighters like Anderson Silva, Floyd Mayweather, Saenchai, GSP, or Petrosyan. Those guys make fighting and winning against high level opponents look easy.

They inspire us to mimic their techniques or use their latest setups, but for the most part you don't get to see or hear much of their training. We don't really get to see the psychological ups and downs or the hard physical work leading up to a fight. Sure there are a few backstage, behind the scene clips or open media workouts but those videos don't tell us the whole story.

Arduous Effort

Proper planning and putting in the necessary hard work is the only way to achieve our goals. Don't depend on luck or choose the easy way because your role models make it seem like they do. Be willing to grind out the realistic and strenuous efforts needed to achieve your goals.

Resources & Credits

Photos by Josh Lewis
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