Monday, December 16, 2013

Engraving Method

Best door jammer ever!
By far one of the best book that I find to be invaluable for amplifying performance is Daniel Coyle's- The Little Book of Talent. It's a must have for anyone trying to get better at their craft. It offers 52 real world tested tid bits for improving training. Better training means better performance.

There are a few tips from the book that I use regularly at every training session, but for the purpose of this post I want to go over Tip #2 "Engraving".

"Basically, they watch the skill being performed, closely and with great intensity, over and over, until they build a high definition mental blue print"

For this tip Coyle outlines tennis instructor, Timothy Gallwey. Gallwey set up a group of middle aged people who never played tennis before, he then began hitting some balls while instructing the viewers to focus on his form. Within 20 minutes participants where striking the racket with decent form.

"the key to effective engraving is to create an intense connection: to watch and listen so closely that you can imagine the feeling of performing the skill. For physical skills, project yourself inside the performers body. Become aware of the movement, the rhythm: try to feel the interior shape of the moves."

I feel it is going to be the most fun method that I can easily share with you. If my Windows Movie Maker program cooperates, I'm going to aim for a monthly series of techniques that were used in competition.

Windows 8 finished uploading.

Slow down the video, analyze the setup and the technique. In hopes of "Engraving" the proper techniques for viewers and myself alike. Enjoy!

About the author
Danny Millet, is a pro fighter, muay Thai kickboxing trainer at 5 Points Academy (NYC) and when fueled by copious amounts of coffee, a blogger who breaks down and analyses fights. 

Danny decided to aim his life in a different direction and took the plunge by quitting his job of 11 years and donating his belongings. He moved to Thailand where he lived in a Thai boxing gym for 2 years, training full time along side high level fighters like Pornsanae SitMonchai, KongFah Aood DonMuang, Kanongsuk ChuWatthana, JomThong ChuWatthana and fighting in prestigious shows such as Rajadamnern, Lumphini, Petch Buncha, M150, and MBK.

After getting sliced open from elbows in his 1st and 2nd pro fight, Danny took the healing time to do his homework of studying and analyzing the training, tactics & techniques of high profile fighters.  If you're looking to improve your fight game contact Danny Millet to schedule a training session or check out his free training & fighting information on Youtube, and  Facebook.


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