Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Need Self Talk To Get You Through Training? Try This...

Mental toughness, you're either born with it or not. Regardless, it's a muscle that you should be training every day. Try this exercise to develop your own mental toughness skill.

Are You A Lion Or Gazelle?
I woke up today ready to teach the morning Muay Thai class at NJU, only to meet heavy snow and slippery roads. So unlike in the wild, where the gazelle and lion wake up and motivate themselves to outrun the other, I told myself to run back to my apartment, make coffee and work on training programs for my classes and clients.

Performance Statement
Do you give yourself pep talks? Self-talk, It's not only for crazy people. Well, you have to be a little crazy if you look forward to pushing your limits and training in any combat sport, but mantras are believed to have a tremendous psychological effect. 

In the book, 10-Minute Toughness, Jason Selk (author) has an alternative version of mantras. They are called Performance Statement. ex,
  • Read the D, quick feed, follow through (Football QB)
  • Track the ball, smooth and easy (baseball)
  • One skill at a time, one routine at a time (High Bar)
To come up with your own Performance Statement think of one or two important thoughts that'll motivate you to perform at your peak when you focus on it.

The key is to identify the single most fundamental idea of what it takes for you to be successful to allow you to simplify the game. Keeping it simple will allow you to free your mind and body from complications and distractions and play loose with great confidence and passion. 10-Minute Toughness

Situational Performance Statements
You should also consider situational Performance Statements. For example, if you're a grappler and end up in a bad position,e.g. "fight outside my comfort zone." Have a performance statement that'll cover offense as well as the defense aspect of your sport. The power of a Performance Statement can assure you the confidence to escape.

Mental training just as physical training should be a regular part of your overall training. If we don't do any physical training we will not get stronger, same goes for mental training. 

My own Performance Statement is "Relax. Explode". It's extremely basic and the very essence of focusing, especially during a fight. Which is to stay loose and kill with power and speed. A Performance Statement is the easiest way to accomplish your agenda and boost your confidence.

What is your performance statement? Comment below, I'd like to know what you tell yourself during training, competition, and stressful situations. 

Best to your training,

Danny Millet

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