Wednesday, December 20, 2017

How to Save More Time at Your Muay Thai Gym

If you find yourself busy with family, work, school, or some other BS and finding it hard to fit in your  Muay Thai "Me" time, here are a few tips.

Don't do all your stretching after class
Instead take advantage of short burst stretching routines throughout the day. You can add short mobility/stretch routines into your warm up, in between rounds, and even when you're at work or sitting down on your commute.  Even though these spontaneous stretches won't be as effective as a full yoga class, they'll keep you fresh and limbered for the time being.

Prep your gear gear bag.
Pack up your gym bag with the proper gear you are going to need for your workout. If you shower don't forget to bring a separate bag with your shower stuff (soap, towel, knickers) so you can make a quick dash to the showers before the the other gym members occupy them.

Have a Training Plan.
If you're going to skip out on class and just do your own thing on the bag make sure to have a plan. I see people come in, hit the bag for 3 minutes, bench press, put their sneakers on and jog on the treadmill, look at their phone and then hit the bag again.

That's not training, that's working out. Nothing wrong with getting a sweat but there's no measurable progress in those type of grab bag workouts. Which means your body is most likely not going to get stronger, more endurance because there is no adaption. 

Make a note from your previous sparring or training sessions and iron out the kinks

Phone a friend
Call, text, send a raven to your favorite training partner to see if they'll be attending class and if they want to pair up. That way you don't end up searching for a training partner as the class starts, or be the odd man and end up in a group of 3 or solo.

Absolutely do not
Be that guy whose hands are wrapped and shadow boxing in the subway.

Treat your training like a job. Show up, get it done, get out. There is no time balance in life and it's generally going to be more of a tug of war, but there is priorities. If training is a big priority in your life you will find a way to prioritize your time and do what you got to do with the time you have.

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