Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Banded Hook for Punching Mechanics

Throughout my martial arts and fighting career I had plenty of coaches who wanted the lead hook to perform differently. Some yell pivot the foot, don't pivot the foot, punch with thumb up, thumb down, in a downward arc, straight across, etc... One thing they all had in common was to turn the hips.

I had a boxing coach who told me to focus on pulling the opposite shoulder and hip as fast as possible when throwing a hook. Not in those exact words though;  "You're not on the fucking Pec Deck Machine. Pull your this hip and shoulder back fast and throw a punch. Not a dumbbell fly." It clicked for me and made so much sense.

The hook is a pulling punch, made to go around your opponent's guard or peripheral vision that has to be delivered with speed for maximum damage. Remember this is just 1 component of throwing a hook. There are other dynamics and ways to throw and land a hook. Make sure to train with a qualified instructor and be coachable so that you can learn effectively. Give this drill a try and Let me know if it helped you or your teammates with the lead hook.


1. Use a light resistance band.

2. Loop around your rear shoulder and underneath your armpit.

3. You can grab the band with your free hand so that it's not in the way.

4. Violently pull the band back with your hip and shoulder as you throw your hook.

5. You can pivot your lead leg or just the hip (depending on how your coach wants you to throw it).

6. Vary the length, arc, and hand position of your hook.

7. Add elbows.

8. Focus on speed.

9. Bringing hand back to your home base.

10. Hiding your chin.

11. Moving your head slightly off-center.

Best to your training,

Danny Millet

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