Monday, June 4, 2018

Putting Out Multiple Fires In Your Life

I can't believe it's already June. I'm thankful that May whipped by so fast because it was a hectic month for me; both financially and physically. If you're going through the same situation, here are a couple of tips to put out those fires...

I had a wedding that was a 5-hour drive away, had to book a hotel for 2 days and gift for the newlyweds, all with car problems and on top of that, I owe money for taxes.

My car was on the brink of breaking down. I was expecting the whole front end suspension to collapse during our trip and ride the rest of the way like the Flintstones. Luckily we made it to the wedding (which was beautiful) and back home.

I also owed money for taxes and because of the gym being closed for Memorial Day weekend, I missed a lot of work with training clients and teaching classes. I desperately needed that income to rebound from the wedding trip and car maintenance expenses.

In stressful situations, it's easy to fall apart. 
Put your focus on tackling your biggest problem first and there will be times when you will have to put out multiple little fires as well. Composure and being in the moment will help ease your obstacles.

Don't put off something you can do today for tomorrow.
I procrastinated, but armed with hindsight there were a ton of things that I could have done to prevent the car issues and financial lows. It all piled up because I kept pushing these small obstacles to the back of the line. In the long run, preventive medicine is cheaper than treatment. Put out those small fires when you see them.

Stick to your training routine.
Working out is a good way to release stress and get oxygen into your body. Stick to your training routine if possible. If not, try including short workout burst throughout your day, like a sprint or jog around the block or a 1-3 minute AMRAP of body weight pushups and squats in your home/office/hotel.

Stay focused and unemotional.
Next time you're facing any problem(s) take a deep breath and remain composed. Don't let your emotions get in the way or make up any imaginary outcomes. Attack your biggest issue first and steadily knockout the smaller ones as they come by.

What was the most stressful situation you fought out of? If you're willing to share I'm interested in hearing.

Best to your day,

Danny M
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